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Unsere Standardpeltierserien CP, PT und PE von Laird (ehemals Melcor / Supercool) bieten dem Anwender die größte Auswahl an Abmessungen. Sie eigenen sich für hohe Ströme und entsprechend hoher Pumpleistung von bis zu 120 Watt.

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Quantity Art.-No. Description Price (net)
  37618 CP14,7,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37288 CP10,63,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37564 CP08,63,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  35788 CP14,35,045,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  36035 CP10,127,08,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  36474 CP2,31,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  36837 CP14,71,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37566 CP08,127,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37570 CP14,71,045,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37620 CP12,161,04,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37575 CP2,31,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37621 CP12,161,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  42775 CP2,71,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37573 CP14,31,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  43249 CP14,17,10,L1,W4.5 Peltierelement  
  35677 CP14,127,06,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  37009 CP14,71,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  36473 CP14,127,10,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
  36554 CP2,127,06,L1,W4.5Melcor-Element  
  39295 CP14,127,045,L1,W4.5 Melcor-Element  
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